Why a Trolley, Why Now?

The Loop Trolley will benefit the entire region.

Connectivity: The Loop Trolley will link two MetroLink Stations to cultural institutions such as Forest Park, the Missouri History Museum, University City City Hall, vibrant mixed-use and residential neighborhoods, and the Delmar Loop restaurant, shopping, and arts & entertainment district.

Economic Development: Trolleys are a proven catalyst for residential, commercial and recreational development in cities like Memphis, Little Rock, Tampa and Portland. Economic development is critical for the eastern section of the Loop Trolley alignment.

Pedestrian-Friendly Neighborhoods: Trolleys make it easy for people to get around and visit several locations without needing to find parking. The Loop Trolley will provide access to Forest Park and all it has to offer, and to The Loop, one of ”Ten Great Streets in America” as designated by the American Planning Association.

Tourist Attraction: Trolleys enhance the unique and special sense of place that is Forest Park, The Loop and the St. Louis region, which is famous for its historic streetcars. The Loop Trolley brings history alive for residents and tourists alike.

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