Construction FAQ

What is the construction timeline? Construction began in March 2015 with installation of a permanent roundabout on the western edge of the Delmar Loop in University City. All Loop Trolley system construction elements — including trackways, overhead wires, the Loop Trolley Maintenance & Storage Facility, landscaping, and other street element enhancements — are complete as of October 2017.

When does construction take place? Construction is scheduled during normal weekday business hours, typically 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.. Some deliveries and construction may take place at other times.

Will the entire Delmar Loop be affected at once? We are working in two one-block sections at a time. Each section takes about three weeks to complete.

Are traffic lanes being closed? Two-way traffic continues to flow along the entire route during construction. Detours are occasionally required during construction.

When will the Loop Trolley be finished? Construction is scheduled to complete in late 2016, followed by several months of safety testing and training.


How will I know when my business or neighborhood might be affected? We notify businesses, neighborhood organizations and residents several weeks before construction begins in their block. You can receive regular updates by joining our e-blast list. See Join Our List on any page at

Will customers have access to my business? We make every attempt to maintain access to businesses during construction. We’re also working with University City to inform the public that businesses are open and where to park.

What about business deliveries? Businesses should direct delivery vehicle drivers to alternative loading zones when construction is scheduled to take place on their block. We will let businesses know two weeks in advance when they will be affected.

Will construction block the sidewalk? Sidewalks will remain open but there could be brief, temporary sidewalk limitations for installation of light poles. Some restaurants with outdoor dining may be affected for short periods of time.


Will on-street parking in The Loop be affected? Parking lanes in the blocks under construction are temporarily closed, in construction areas only, on both sides of the street to allow for two-way traffic to flow. Once construction in that section is complete, the parking lanes are restored.

Will parking be difficult to find during construction?  There is ample public parking along the trolley route to meet business and community needs during the construction.

In the U City Loop, customers and employees can park in the city-owned parking garage and in the large parking lots north of Delmar, behind the commercial development.

In the St. Louis City portion of the Delmar Loop, parking is available in a large parking lot north of commercial development on Delmar Boulevard, smaller retail lots, on the street in areas not under construction, and in the large park-and-ride lot next to the Metro Station.

Will the area permanently lose parking spots? There will be no overall loss of parking along the trolley route. In fact, the project area will gain five parking spaces once the trolley project is complete. A few on-street parking spaces will be removed for the trolley stops, in some cases replacing existing bus loading zones.


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