Construction on the $43 million Delmar Loop Trolley is scheduled to begin Monday.

Construction will begin in two phases, the first phase will last 6-weeks and will include the installation of a roundabout at Trinity and Delmar Boulevard, at the lion’s gates in University City. Phase one of the project will also include demolition and construction on the north side of the new roundabout. Phase two of the project will also take 6-weeks and will complete the south side of the track.

While there is a possibly of traffic delays in the area during construction, developers say it will increase safety and improve traffic flow throughout the Delmar Loop when it is completed.

“It will connect one of the 10 great streets in America with the great institution in Forest Park. People can just take the trolley into Forest Park, transfer into the circulator in the summer to see the zoo and the Science Center. It will really put St. Louis even higher on the map,” Joe Edwards, Chairman of the Loop Trolley, told News 4.

The Delmar Loop Trolley is expected to be in use by late summer of 2016. 

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