Delmar Loop Business Owners Concerned with Access During Trolley Construction

With utility work for the Loop Trolley already underway, and full-scale construction set to begin in the fall, Delmar Loop business owners met with developers today to get an update on the project.

Those business owners expressed concern about customer access to their businesses while the construction is underway.

Loop Trolley district administrator Chris Poehler says they will limit the work to two blocks at a time, and they will keep traffic on Delmar flowing.

“We’re anticipating the contractor will work down one side and keep the other two lanes—the other lane and the parking lane—as two-way traffic on the other side of the street,” he says.

Building owner John Matthews says he’s satisfied with the answers.

“Incrementally, maybe a few customers might have to park further away than they’d prefer, but it will not be a long-time problem and it will be resolved, I’m sure, pretty quickly,” he says.

Utility work is underway now, and full-scale construction is scheduled to start in September.

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