Loop Trolley FAQ

Where will the Trolley operate?  The 2.2-mile Loop Trolley will run along Delmar Blvd. and DeBaliviere Ave. connecting the Delmar Loop restaurant, shopping, and arts & entertainment district to Forest Park, with stops at the Missouri History Museum and two MetroLink stations.

In the Delmar Loop, the trolley will join vehicular traffic and operate in drive lanes, similar to a bus. Passengers will get on and off at at designated trolley stops.

Delmar east of The Pageant, the trolley will run on a single track in the center median.

At DeBaliviere, the trolley will turn south and continue on a single track on the east side of DeBaliviere within an extension of the St. Vincent Greenway, connecting the greenway and Ruth Porter Park to Forest Park. At the Missouri History Museum, the trolley will stop and reverse direction.

Where will the Trolley stop?  The trolley route includes ten stops and will link with two MetroLink stations along the way (see map). The stops are located near or within reasonable walking distance of key destinations and include the Missouri History Museum, Forest Park MetroLink, Crossroads College Preparatory School, Laurel & Delmar, Delmar MetroLink, the Pageant, the Tivoli, the Market and the University City Library at Kingsland.

What kind of Trolley?  The Loop Trolley will operate historic replica vehicles using overhead electric technology. The trolleys will be accessible by people with disabilities  and will have doors on both sides since they reverse direction at each terminus.

How does the Loop Trolley fit within our regional transportation system?  The Loop Trolley will play an important part in the region’s public transportation infrastructure and economic growth. The Trolley will serve two MetroLink stations, making it easy for passengers to access Forest Park, the Delmar Loop and other destinations along the route without a car. This will ease traffic congestion and reduce pain at the gas pump.

Will the Loop Trolley eliminate parking or drive lanes on Delmar?  There will be no loss of parking lanes or driving lanes on Delmar once construction is complete.

How much will it cost to ride? The fare to ride the trolley will be established as we get closer to startup.

What will it cost to build?  The construction budget is $51 million.

How does that compare to other cities?  The Loop Trolley cost per mile of track (3 miles) is just $17 million, much lower any other project its size:
· Loop Trolley – $17 million per mile
· Cincinnati – $36.76 million per mile
· Tucson – $28.26 million per mile
· Kansas City – $25.35 million per mile
· Portland – $22.43 million per mile

Who has provided funding:  The primary funding is a $25 million FTA grant. Funding also comes from other federal grants (FTA, CMAQ, STP), a TIF, New Market Tax Credits, St. Louis County Transportation Fund, Great Rivers Greenway, Washington University, Loop Trolley Transportation Development District sales taxes and donations.

When can I ride?  Construction is expected to be complete in late 2016, followed by several months of safety testing and training. The start-up date, hours of operation, fares and other operational issues will be finalized as we get closer to completion.

How many people will ride the Loop Trolley?  Ridership will depend on the number of hours of operation and funding for operation of the system.

Who will own and operate the trolley? The Loop Trolley is owned by the Loop Trolley Transportation Development District (TDD) and will be operated by the Loop Trolley Company.

How will trolley operations be funded? Taxes collected by the Loop Trolley TDD and rider fares will fund operations.

Who supports the effort to restore trolley service? In addition to the Federal Transit Administration and the Loop Trolley Company, other supporters include St. Louis County, Great Rivers Greenway, Washington University, the City of St. Louis, University City,  the Missouri History Museum, East-West Gateway Council of Governments, Citizens for Modern Transit, our congressional delegation, The Loop Special Business District, and many businesses, neighborhood groups and residents.


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