Final stages of Loop Trolley project taking shape

The final stages of the Loop Trolley project are starting to take shape. This comes as changes are taking place to businesses that line The Delmar Loop.

The final stretch of trolley track is being laid on Delmar from just east of Skinker to west of Rosedale. Overall, 80 percent of the track and light poles have been installed. Officials also say work will soon begin on the overhead suspension system for the trolley. When that happens, some parking spaces will be out of service for very short periods of time, while cable is strung across Delmar.

The trolley project isn`t the only thing changing the look of The Loop.
While several businesses have left the area, some new ones are coming in like Steve`s Hot Dogs and McArthur’s Bakery.

Joe Edwards is also opening up a new concert venue in one of the vacated spaces as well. Construction on the trolley project is slated to be complete late this year but then there will be several months of training and testing.

An opening date has yet to be announced.

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