Google Slaps! St. Louis

Dave Sandel is on a mission to give you ultra-fast fiber Internet — speeds that will blow away what you’re using now. He’s starting in The Delmar Loop but if things go his way, he’ll be in a neighborhood near you soon enough. His efforts couldn’t come at a more crucial time for St. Louis…

…Sandel founded the Loop Data Rail in 2011 after he visited Kansas City to learn more about Google Fiber and its $70 million project to connect the city with fiber speed Internet.

“I decided to get involved with the planning over in Kansas City as a background adviser of sorts,” he said. “I was looking to bring that type of impact back to St. Louis. I was in a Loop Trolley meeting and it dawned on me that the streets would be opened up and that could save us a lot of the cost to get it done.”

The Loop Data Rail is using the construction of the $43 million Loop Trolley project, which will create a 2.2 mile trolley track connecting The Loop entertainment district to Forest Park with a stop at the Missouri History Museum, to offset most of the project’s costs. The data rail would run the full length of the trolley line and bring fiber connections to more than 50 buildings. The network is expected to cost $400,000 to build out, a fraction of the $4 million estimated cost without the trolley construction…read more

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