How to Ride The Loop Trolley

When does the Trolley Operate?

Thursday:                               12:00PM to 8:00PM

Friday and Saturday:            12:00PM to 11:00PM

Sunday:                                  12:00PM to 8:00PM

Where to Park

We always suggest for our riders to park in the multiple public lots that are within walking distance of the trolley platforms. There are public lots north of Delmar Blvd. between Kingsland Avenue and Leland Avenue, or street parking on Delmar Blvd. and DeBaliviere or near the History Museum in Forest Park.  When parking on the street, be sure to park inside the white parking lines so as not to obstruct the Trolley’s path.

How to Take a Ride

When looking to ride The Loop Trolley, find one of our ten platform stop signs with The Loop Trolley logo.  Each platform stop has a ticket vending machine where tickets can be purchased with cash or credit card or you can use our Loop Trolley Mobile App.  On average, the trolleys run on 20-30-minute intervals.

Cost to Ride

The standard tickets are $2.00 for a Two-Hour Fare and $5.00 for an All-Day Fare.  50% Reduced Fares are available for Seniors (age 65+), passengers with disabilities, and children age 5-12 with adult supervision.  Children under the age of 5 may ride free!


Each trolley has been updated to meet the current accessibility standards, including ADA lifts and seating/securement considerations for those with wheelchairs.  Likewise, the station platforms each include accessible ramps.  Ticket vending machines are enhanced with Braille and audio-access options.

How to Request a Stop

The trolleys stop at each of the ten designated stops along the route in both directions.  Your operator will announce the stop location.  If there is an emergency, please notify the operator.

Rules / Code of Conduct For The Trolleys

No obscene language, gambling, alcohol, drugs, weapons, or loud music will be allowed on the trolleys.  Eating is prohibited, and any water/soda bottle should be securely closed during movement.  Small pets may be allowed in hand-held carrying cases which can be lapped or stowed at your feet.  Strollers, personal carts, and bicycles will be allowed at the operator’s discretion, depending on available seating.  Read the full Loop Trolley Passenger Code of Conduct.

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