It's full steam ahead for the Loop trolley project, at least that's what the organizers are hoping.

ST. LOUIS – It’s full steam ahead for the Loop trolley project, at least that’s what the organizers are hoping.

Initial bids came in $11 million dollars over budget.

Getting this far down the road wasn’t easy for this project, but Joe Edwards, chairman of the Loop Trolley Transportation Development District and owner of Blueberry Hill on the Delmar Loop, says the trolley will happen, even if he has to raise more money.

“I think we are, on track,” Edwards said.

The Delmar Loop Trolley will soon connect Forest Park to the Delmar Loop, but for the time being – construction is delayed.

“The original bids came in a little bit high in some sections perfectly in tune on others, and so it was put out for re-bid, the bids are coming in at the end of November,” Edwards said.

Edwards says one bid came in $11 million dollars over budget, that’s 25 percent over the estimated $43 million dollar plan.

“When the bids come in and if they are within reason everything is going to go flying forward if not then we will have to raise some extra money and still have it happen, we will still make this happen,” says Edwards.

Edwards says the tracks would go right down the current lanes of traffic on Delmar.

Loop visitors say a trolley could be a good thing.

“I think that that would kind of just help all the businesses down here,” Rachel Ibrahimovic said.

He says with the help of the trolley she and her family could explore more of Forest Park.

“There’s all kinds of things that are good for kids and families and it’s all free of charge and people may not know about it so I think it would give them a great opportunity,” Ibrahimovic said.

Edwards says he wants to see trolley tracks all over the St. Louis region.

“Down to Central West End and Grand Center and downtown it’s really that critical and out to Clayton for that matter so it’s really the future of St. Louis,” said Edwards.

Edwards says the trolley should be up and running by early 2016.

The project is being funded by private money, a 1 percent sales tax in the area and a 25 million dollar grant. ©November 2014
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