Loop Trolley cars prepare for debut on tracks

ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Major milestones for the Loop Trolley project as it gets closer to becoming a reality later this year. For the first time Thursday, Fox 2 News had a close look at the first newly refurbished trolley car. It is one of three cars that will eventually run on the trolley line from the Delmar Loop to Forest Park.

For the past few months, the meticulously restored trolley cars have been undergoing testing and refurbishing at a facility in Iowa. The first car arrived in St. Louis in mid-February and is being stored inside the new Loop Trolley headquarters on Delmar in west St. Louis.

There is a lot of detailed woodwork and other features that make it stand out.

The other two cars are also being worked on at that same Iowa site.

Besides showing off the car, Loop Trolley leaders are also talking about upcoming track testing of this car and the others. After some tests inside the headquarters, the first car and eventually the other two will be tested on the actual 2.2 mile route.

Each trolley car can hold up to 100 passengers and travel at speeds up to 25 miles per hour. The route will feature 10 platform stops spaced about two to three blocks apart.

The testing for the first car on the tracks should start in a couple of weeks. The car will first be pulled by a truck then eventually operate on its own.

Trolley officials are urging people to be careful when walking and driving around the trolley. While the trolley was supposed to be up and running by this spring, that timetable has now been pushed back to the summer because the refurbishing work is taking longer than expected.

At this point, no exact opening date has been announced.

Once the trolleys are operational, the Loop Trolley Company will have a staff of six full-time workers and 13 part-timers.

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