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Loop Trolley Fare Structure and Pricing Announced

As we’ve moved through construction and testing, one of the most frequently asked questions we’ve received is “How much is it going to cost to ride?“. Today we’re excited to share that the fare structure, pricing and method of purchase/validation for trolley passengers has now been finalized.

The initial fare structure will consist of two fare types – $2.00 for a Two-Hour Fare and $5.00 for an All-Day Pass, with Reduced Fare ticket prices of $1.00 and $2.50, respectively, for disabled passengers and senior passengers age 65 or older with valid identification or documentation. Children age five and under may ride free with adult supervision.

Tickets can be purchased by two methods: physical tickets with cash or card at any of the thirteen ticket vending machines (TVMs) which will be located on or near the trolley platforms, or mobile tickets via an account-based application available through iOS and Android app stores. For TVM purchases, the clock will start on Two-Hour Fares beginning at the time of purchase, with All-Day Passes only valid for the day on which they are purchased. On the mobile application, passengers can purchase their tickets any time in advance and activate on their smartphone prior to boarding.

“We’ve looked at other American transit fare systems and ultimately settled on a simpler structure with fewer fare options,” said Kevin Barbeau, Loop Trolley Company’s Executive Director. “In this way, the ticket purchase process will be more straightforward, assuring passengers aren’t overwhelmed when making their purchases at physical ticket vending machines or through the mobile application.”

For both physical and mobile tickets, passengers will scan their ticket(s) via an on-board validator located at each entrance to the trolley vehicles. The Loop Trolley will not accept cash-based fares on-board; hence, any passenger without valid fare or with an expired fare must de-board and purchase a valid ticket.

While the Trolley system will not open with the capacity for transfers to or from Metro bus/lightrail services, it’s something that is certainly of interest; we’ll continue working with Metro to identify the technological and programmatic aspects of interoperability with the fare systems.

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