Loop Trolley Gets Final Approval

The $43 million Loop Trolley project has received the final go-ahead.

But what makes this time different than all the others?

There have been many delays and, so far, the approvals from the University City council have required extensions—until last night.

It’s now time to go out to bid, with tracks expected to start being laid in the next month or so.

The trolley will run 2.2 miles along Delmar Boulevard and DeBaliviere Avenue, between the History Museum in Forest Park and the University City Library. It will use vintage trolleys brought in from Portland. It’s expected to be up-and-running by early 2016.

Edwards hopes it’s the start of more historic trolleys around town.

“It really is the future of transportation in our country, especially in dense city streets and urban areas,” he previously told KMOX News.

Kansas City and Cincinnati, meanwhile, are working on more modern streetcars that function almost like a MetroLink train.

CBS KMOX ©July 2014
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