Loop Trolley one step closer to completion

The Loop Trolley will be one step closer to completion. Starting at 7a.m. Wednesday, crews will be pouring the concrete.

Over the next two days, 35 truckloads of cement will be poured to fill the first section of the track, running along Delmar from Kingsland to Mehlville. When it`s finished by the end of next year, the two-mile Loop Trolley will connect The Loop with Forest Park, with a turnaround at the Missouri History Museum.

It`s a fitting project for The Loop, which actually derived its nickname from a streetcar system, in place here until 1966.

Proponents of the project say it`ll help link neighborhoods together, make them more pedestrian-friendly, while promoting tourism and economic growth.

The trolley costs roughly $43 million. It’s funded through various grants, along with Great Rivers Greenway.

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