Staying Safe around The Loop Trolley

The Loop Trolley considers public safety to be our top priority and we are committed to doing our part to keep you safe. The Loop Trolley is designed to run on rails in the street alongside traffic and pedestrians, so it’s important to understand how the trolleys will operate along the trolley route and take the necessary precautions to keep yourself and others safe.  The trolleys share a lane with other moving vehicles and will travel along with traffic, in both directions, up to the speed limit (25 mph) – just like a bus. They follow the same traffic signals as other vehicles. Keep in mind that there are no barriers separating the trolleys from other road users, and remember the trolleys cannot swerve to avoid obstacles.

To ensure you remain safe when in the vicinity of the trolley, be sure to follow these helpful tips.

Pedestrians        Cyclists                Vehicles              Trolley Wire Safety   

Click here for a printable safety sheet.

Safety on the Trolley Cars
Please use available handholds when boarding or de-boarding. After validating your ticket, immediately take a seat or find a firm handhold if standing, as Trolleys regularly start and stop.  Please refer to the Loop Trolley Passenger Code of Conduct and notify your Operator of any suspicious activity or objects.

ADA Accessibility & Safety on the Trolley Cars
Each trolley has been updated to meet the current accessibility standards, including ADA lifts and seating/securement considerations for those with wheelchairs.  Likewise, the station platforms each include accessible ramps.  Ticket vending machines are enhanced with Braille and audio-access options.

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