Bikes, Scooters, Strollers and Wheelchairs

The Loop Trolley is a transit mode unseen in St. Louis for the past 50 years and, as such, increased awareness is necessary for all who walk, drive, or ride on or around its embedded tracks. For bicyclists — or those with wheelchairs, strollers, push carts or other thin-wheel equipment — there exists the risk of maneuvering a wheel into the rail groove (or flangeway), the results of which can cause injury. Bicyclists should always be aware of their position within the tracks, and with the flow of traffic. A quick list of do’s and don’t’s is included below.

For a ride with less traffic (vehicle and trolley) or trackage, an alternative route has been established one block to the north on Enright between Eastgate and Skinker, and to the north and south between Skinker and Kingsland, all of which connect to the Centennial Greenway. Further east on Delmar, a marked bike lane runs along the expanded St. Vincent Greenway on DeBaliviere, connecting to Forest Park.


To avoid any accidents or injuries, cyclists and people using wheelchairs, strollers or scooters should remember the following:

• Always attempt to cross the rails and rail grooves at right angles.
• If your bike wheel gets stuck in the rail:
• Don’t hit the brakes.
• Don’t turn your handle bar.
• Slow gradually to a stop before exiting the rail.
• Do not cross into areas with diagonally-striped safety markings.


Alternate Bike Route


The alternate Delmar Loop bike route begins at Delmar and Eastgate, north to Enright and west to Ackert Walkway. From there, cyclists may take the Centennial Greenway (north or south) or continue west on Loop North to Kingsland. South of the Delmar Loop, the route runs along Loop South from the Centennial Greenway to Kingsland.


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