Trolley Wire Safety


ALWAYS call 911 to notify emergency personnel of the downed wires.


Conducting Work in the Vicinity of the Trolley Route

Any work to be done to the buildings, streets, overhead lights, signal lights and utilities along the Loop Trolley route will need to be carefully planned and executed.  We have coordinated efforts with the City of St. Louis and University City to have the Loop Trolley added to their respective permit programs.  When you apply for a permit through either city, they will direct you to the Loop Trolley for assistance.  The first step is to complete the appropriate form available from the city web page.  You will be provided an email and contact name and number who will coordinate the review and approval.  We are happy to meet with you on site to discuss the details of the work, equipment to be used, space needed and any other aspect of the job.  The goal is to ensure your safety in regards to trolley movement or any component in the trolley system.

For your convenience, below are some links to both cities and their permit systems:

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