Vehicle Safety

The Trolley shares a lane with other vehicles, and there are no barriers separating the trolleys from other road users. The trolley will travel along with traffic up to the speed limit (25 mph) and must follow the same traffic signals as other vehicles. The trolleys CANNOT swerve to avoid obstacles.

Remember the following tips when navigating along the trolley route by vehicle:

• Don’t pass a trolley that’s traveling in front of you in the same lane – It’s ILLEGAL.

• Don’t stop or park on or over the trolley tracks – It’s ILLEGAL.

• Always park inside designated spaces to avoid being ticketed or towed.

• Don’t drive or park on diagonal or white-striped safety markings – It’s ILLEGAL.


looptrolley_safetyflyer_1 looptrolley_safetyflyer_2 dsc_0334 dsc_0346


• While major construction along the trolley route has been completed, there will be minor finishing touches put in place over the next several months before The Loop Trolley officially opens for passenger service. During these remaining periods of construction, traffic lanes may occasionally change. Be alert for directional signs, and obey all warning signs.


Click here for a PDF of a downloadable Safety Notice. You can share with customers!

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