Loop Trolley lawsuit dismissed

A U.S. District Court judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed in October against the Loop Trolley Transportation Development District, which is developing a trolley in the Delmar Loop. The suit alleged that the creation of the district violated the U.S. Constitution because nonresidents were allowed to vote on the matter. Judge Stephen Limbaugh’s order says […]

Loop Trolley funding good news for Internet users

The Federal Transit Administration’s approval of a $25 million grant to build the $43 million Loop Trolley in the city of St. Louis and University City is good news for those with a stake in the Loop Data Rail project. The Loop Data Rail is an initiative that could bring gigabit-speed Internet connection to a […]

Loop Trolley project lands $25 million grant

The federal government has given the planned trolley system from the Loop to Forest Park $25 million dollar grant. A $25 million dollar, ‘Urban Circulator Grant’ was given to the project, as one of five grants given nationally. The cash would cover more than half of the cost for the $43 million dollar project. The […]

Loop Trolley project lands $25 million grant

The Loop Trolley Transportation Development District received approval from the Federal Transit Administration for a $25 million grant to build the $43 million Loop Trolley in the city of St. Louis and University City, according to a statement from Trolley project officials. The grant will serve as the major funding source for the project. The […]

Loop Trolley planners get key federal green light

The Federal Transit Administration has given developers of the new Loop Trolley a long-awaited go ahead on the project. Last year, top FTA officials had warned regional planners that they had made “insufficient progress” on the trolley project. The officials ordered planners to meet certain conditions or risk losing up to $22.1 million in federal […]

Loop Trolley project gets $25M FTA grant

ST. LOUIS – The Loop Trolley Transportation development District has been approved for a $25 million Urban Circular Grant by the Federal Transit Administration. The grant will go to build a fixed-route trolley system in The Loop area of St. Louis and University City. The grant will fund more than half of the $43 million […]

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