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The 2.2-mile Loop Trolley will run along Delmar Blvd. and DeBaliviere Ave., connecting the Delmar Loop restaurant, shopping, and arts & entertainment district to Forest Park with a stop at the Missouri History Museum.

In the Delmar Loop, the trolley will join vehicular traffic and operate in drive lanes, similar to a bus. Passengers will get on and off at at designated trolley stops.

Delmar east of The Pageant, the trolley will run on a single track in the center median.

At DeBaliviere, the trolley will turn south and continue on a single track on the east side of DeBaliviere within an extension of the St. Vincent Greenway, connecting the greenway and Ruth Porter Park with Forest Park. At the Missouri History Museum, the trolley will stop and reverse direction.

The trolley route will include ten stops and link with two MetroLink stations along the way.

Loop Trolley Stops

  • University City Library
  • Leland Avenue
  • City Limit
  • The Pageant
  • Delmar Loop MetroLink
  • Hamilton Ave
  • Delmar and DeBaliviere
  • Crossroads School
  • Forest Park/DeBaliviere MetroLink
  • Missouri History Museum/Forest Park

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