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Does a high-five from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) equal impending construction of the Loop Trolley? Well, for a project so long on the horizon, it appears the horizon is upon us. The Loop Trolley Transit Development District (TDD) plans to issue construction bid packages this month, with building expected to begin later this summer.

Mokhtee Ahmad, FTA regional administrator, reportedly seemed pretty pumped at a recent quarterly meeting. Ahmad presented framed posters to Joe Edwards and Chris Poehler with the slogan: “When it comes to streetcars, I turn red into green.” (Edwards, chairman of the Loop Trolley TDD, is onwer of Blueberry Hill and The Pageant, and a famously staunch promoter of revitalization in and around the Delmar Loop; Poehler is the Loop Trolley TDD administrator.)

How big a deal is this? The Loop Trolley is one of only five projects, out of 65 proposed nationwide, to receive an FTA Urban Circulator Grant. The $25 million FTA grant is the major funding source for this $43 million fixed-route electric trolley system. Way to go!

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