The Loop’s Joe Edwards: Small Details, Big Vision

If you want to understand the visionary thinking of Joe Edwards, the serial entrepreneur who started in 1972 with a hamburger bar in a sketchy neighborhood and built the Delmar Loop into one best streets in America, you need to ask him about the trash containers and the light poles.

Edwards, a St. Louis landmark in his own right with his signature ponytail and vintage cars, exudes cool and “with it” vibe. But he is also a walking dichotomy: Edwards doesn’t have email. He has a cell phone, “because I drive old cars that tend to break down.” But only his two grown daughters have the cell phone’s number. But Edwards returns any call to his office phone without fail. He is soft spoken, humble, and earnest. The reason for these behaviors, seemingly counterintuitive to his cutting-edge thinking, is simple: focus.

Focus on the Details
Which brings us to the trash containers and the light poles.

“I go through life in a practical way,” Edwards said. “Being here 24 hours a day I notice a lot. I’m wondering, what the next thing is that we could do to improve the area.” …read more

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