Trolley Cars

The Loop Trolley will operate three rehabbed vintage trolleys, originally from Portland and Seattle.

The two Portland trolleys are Brill-replica streetcars used on the Portland Vintage Trolley service in Portland, Oregon. They were designed to look like 1903 streetcars but actually built in the early 1990s. The cars are currently being renovated and refurbished for the Loop Trolley.

The Seattle trolley cars once ran on the George Benson Waterfront Streetcar Line in Seattle, Washington. The W-class electric trolley cars were built by the Melbourne and Metropolitan Tramways Board between 1923 and 1956 and originally brought to Seattle from Melbourne, Australia. Three cars were acquired by the Loop Trolley. One is being renovated and refurbished. The other two are in storage in St. Louis but later will be moved to the Loop Trolley maintenance and storage facility on Delmar Blvd.

All of the working trolleys are being modified to meet ADA regulations.


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