The Loop Trolley strives to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for its passengers, personnel and anyone else interacting with the system...whether in a car, on their bike, or on foot! Please take a look at our safety information below. If you have a question about our safety systems, or a recommendation to make it even safer, please contact us!




Keep A Safe Distance!
Don't Pass a Stopped Trolley!
Park Smart!


For much of its route, the Loop Trolley operates right along with vehicle traffic. Like other large vehicles, our trolleys have a longer stopping distance, and slower starting speed. Keep your distance and do not turn in front of a moving trolley!

By ordinance, it is illegal to pass a Loop Trolley whether stopped or in motion. Please be patient as we pick up and drop off passengers at our designated station stops!

When parking on Delmar Blvd., please ensure your entire vehicle is parked within a legal, marked parking space or you will be ticketed and towed. Please fold in your mirror(s) as an extra precaution. If you're worried your vehicle is too big to probably is, and you should use one of the many available  off-street parking options!




Don't Walk on Tracks!

Use The Crosswalks!

Look Both Ways!

During your journey on the Loop Trolley, we sincerely hope you'll get out to walk along Delmar Blvd. to visit the many great restaurants, shops and venues we service! Please always use the marked crosswalks (most with signals) along the Loop Trolley alignment.

Whether interacting with cars on roads, freight rail or even vintage trolleys, remember the instructions we all got when we were kids -- Stop, Look, and Listen!


Large sections of the Loop Trolley alignment - DeBaliviere Ave. and Delmar Blvd. east of Des Peres Ave. -- operate in grade-separated, "protected" tracks. Do Not Walk On or Cross these protected trackways! Trolleys traveling on these track sections travel at a higher speed and have a longer stopping distance.




Plan Your Route!
Watch for Track Curves!
Use the 45 Degree Rule!


As a public transit system, the Loop Trolley strongly supports and encourages alternative transportation in all its forms. With that said, bicyclists operating on our trackway run the risk of having their wheel stuck in track grooves. Please plan your route accordingly!

In particular, bicyclists should always be aware of the track locations and look ahead to curvatures in the track and adjust position in advance.

When crossing the Loop Trolley tracks, always turn your bike at an angle of 45 degrees or more prior to crossing to avoid catching a wheel in the track grooves. At intersections, novice bicyclists should consider stopping the bike and walking it across the intersection at a marked pedestrian crossing.




Beware of Live Wires!

Contact Loop Trolley Safety!

Educate Your Site Crew!

To reduce emissions, the Loop Trolley system is powered by a high-voltage 600 volt DC power system carried along 3 miles of overhead catenary wires. These wires should be considered LIVE at all times, even when the trolleys are inactive.

Contractors performing unauthorized work under/above/near these wires and the Loop Trolley track system put themselves and others at extreme risk.

If performing work within 15 feet of the system, the Loop Trolley requires contractors to complete and submit Work Permits to for review and approval. At its own discretion, Loop Trolley staff may also require contractors to attend a one-day Safety Training prior to issuing a Work Permit.